Workshop 2/11/09I'm not sure that I need to add much description to this image. That's Cora and Zoe commingled on the floor with Robert watching. This is from a Movie Critic scene and you can see more photos from the class (with a lot less girl on girl action) at our album. We started the night with Character Intros and then continued our warm ups with a Physical Offer Line. We finished with the traditional 1-Word Story.

Our scene work started with a full rotation of Hitchhiker. We moved on to Movie Critic, which was a new scene for a lot of players. But as you can see from the photos, folks threw themselves into it.

We also worked on a new music piece - Madrigal. It was a challenge, but the pieces got better as we progressed through the rotations. We'll revisit this one.

We practiced some open scene work with several sets of Scene On Scene. And then we finished the night with an extended run of Line Freeze Tag.

My favorite line of the night occurred in the Madrigal:

To your own backdoor be true