Who We Are

Santa Barbara Improv is a comedy hub currently producing weekly short-form workshops, monthly shows, an ongoing series of longform improv classes, and corporate improv trainings.  


Alan Irwin

The oldest instructor at Santa Barbara Improv, where he's been performing and teaching improv for over 27 years. 

You can contact him at: alan@sbimprov.com

George Schreiber

George likes kombucha, loves cats and loves Improv. He fell for both cats and improv quite unexpectedly. Isn't that how it happens though? He studied and played in NYC and LA with some truly gifted and skilled players, too numerous to list. His screen career has consisted entirely of playing some form of law enforcement. He cannot comment on Amy Nash's incarceration, due to it's being an open investigation.

You can contact him at:




Amy Nash

Amy arrived in Santa Barbara in 2014 directly from Philadelphia. She's trained and performed with Philly Improv Theater, the Walnut Street Theater, the Magnet Theater in NYC and The Groundlings in LA.  She's a company member with the Ventura Improv Company. Her favorite improv moment is performing The Bat at a midnight showing in the Philly Fringe Festival. For the record, she's only been arrested once.

You can contact her at:  amy@sbimprov.com