Feb. 18 2009 Workshop This image cracks me up. Lillia, Karla, and Mike have created a vehicle in a Transprov scene. You can see the rest of the images in the album from this class.

After our warm-ups, Transprov was our first stage work. Everyone took part in the rotation, creating their own vehicle. Then we tried a new exercise called Stop and Go where you had to be frozen while talking and moving when not.

We also tried our hand at Random Counting Words scene, a variation on our more familiar Counting Words scene. For this piece, I would randomly call out a number and then everyone's lines had to have that many words.

We revisiting the Madrigal for our musical piece and ended the night with Switch Dubbing.

I wrote this line down, although I can't remember where it occurred in a scene. It made me laugh.

Save it for the scientists