Workshop 4 February 2009This shot is from a Create Objects To Speak exercise, with Ben, Robert, Zoe, and Brian. As I recall, all the characters in this scene were related and getting married. The rest of the pictures can be seen in the album from this workshop. Due to a rummage sale filling our usual space, we met in a larger hall with a stage. Unfortunately, the stage was being used for storage, so in the pictures you'll see we were performing in front of the stage. Still, the theater stairs were used quite a bit, and I think the players enjoyed them as a prop.

After our usual warm-ups, we started with a set of full on Story Story Die scenes. Next, came Stinky, Sexy Silly scenes, and then the Create Objects To Speak exercise. All of them were done to prepare for the next show.

A round of the Irish Drinking Songs was followed by Entrances and Exits, which ended the night.