Improv Class 7-9-08From the pieces of paper pictured in this week's album cover, you can see that we had a round of Surprise Lines scenes during class on Wednesday. Mark, Megan, and Andy were in this particular scene taking place at a bookstore. We had 24 players in class this week, including a couple of brand new players to our group, as well as a few returning from the improv noir of last week. Thanks for coming back!

We warmed up with Whoosh Bang Pow, getting through all 6 actions, and then broke up into 3 groups for One Word Story. Back on stage, we did a full rotation of Hitchhiker followed by Surprise Lines. We also got in Party Quirks, a game we haven't played in quite awhile.

We had a full five sets of the ever popular Irish Drinking Song and then ended the night with several World's Worst performances. Everyone had a chance to portray three or four different professions.

And that's a quick thumbnail review of the night (posted before the next class!)