Improv Class July 16, 2008 It was another big class with 25 players participating, 5 of whom were brand new to the Santa Barbara Improv Workshop. Pictured here are Karla, Sienna, Addison with Andy's Jazz Hands coming out of her head, and Tracy. They're in the middle of a Machine exercise. You can see the rest of the pictures from this night at our album.

After our standard set of warm-ups (Character Intro, Whoosh Bang Pow, Relay, and One Word Story), we began our stage work with a full set of Yes And exercises. Then came Machine. We got to do some scene work with Continuing Scene Changing Genre.

Then we all participated in a set of Irish Drinking Songs and moved on to Entrances and Exits. We ended the night with a big Freeze Tag group.

Thanks to all the new players for getting up on stage and joining in!