Don't adjust your screen; that is a big black image. There aren't any pictures from this class because Santa Barbara was in the middle of a blackout from the Gap fire. About 15 minutes before class began, the power went out all through the city. We decided to proceed anyway, since we assumed power would come on shortly. We ended up spending the entire class without power, and the last hour in total darkness. And the challenges kept mounting as we found out the bathrooms were unavailable due to construction at the site. We eventually found the key to a porta-potty set up by the construction people.

And, we just happened to have a large number of new folks show up this night. There were over 20 people in the class. I don't have an accurate count because I couldn't tell when folks were coming & going.

And, we were also getting ready for a recital the next Saturday, so there was a fair amount of preparation and review for everyone who was in the show.

However, the night was fabulous! I don't know if it was the anonymity of the darkness, the adrenaline of the fires, nerves around the recital, or everyone just having the right attitude to overcome all the adversities, but we had a wonderful class.

I don't have a complete list of the exercises from that night (it was DARK!) but I know we did an Emotional List set and Alliterations. Of course we did the Irish Drinking Song. And because it was so dark, we ended the night with Spoon River.

Thank you everyone for really pulling together on what could have been a difficult night!