Next up are the four workshops conducted in June 2008. We had a big class on 6/4/08. 25 players by my count, with photographic evidence stored in the album.

With that big a group, my notes suffered a bit. I show that we did a Yes & exercise (Advertising), Story Story (without the Die), Entrances and Exits, and (of course) the Irish Drinking Song.

The 6/11/08 workshop was down to only (!) 20 people. I picked this album cover because it's such a flattering shot of Karla. And Tom, on his first night at Improv, looks properly intimidated.

We got quite a few exercises in after our usual warm ups. We did a full round of Tag Out Story, then Build A Scene. Next was Switch Dubbing followed by the Irish Drinking Song. We ended the night on a set of Survivor scenes.

For the workshop on 6/18/08, we had to find a new location. Our usual practice space at Jefferson Hall was unavailable as they began some major remodeling of the facility. Luckily, Nancy was able to provide a fabulous space at the Jewish Community Center. We were surrounded by beautiful artwork, and you can see all the pictures in the album.

I also want to thank everyone who followed the signs to our new location for the night. Especially all the new players!

Once again, my notes were not very good from that night, but I've recorded 18 people participating in our 5 Letter Word scenes. I know we also did Story Story Die and TV Clicker. And, of course, the Irish Drinking Song.

The last workshop in June (6/25/08) had us back in Jefferson Hall with 16 players. For some reason the photographers went nuts and we have a LOT of photos in the album. Enjoy!

After warm-ups, the night consisted of Pillars, Expert Panel, and the Irish Drinking Song. For the advanced part of the night, we did the long form exercise Assigned Professions. We got quite a few rounds in, and I think everyone got a chance to see their characters evolve over several scenes and interacting with other characters.

And that's the summary of the June workshops. Let's see if we (okay I) can get back to a weekly update schedule.