I'm on a bit of a roll catching up, so next is the summary for May 2008. img_7462.JPGThe class on 5/7/08 had 19 players including some brand new players and one returning player who's been sorely missed. You can see it all in the album.

We tried out a new exercise called By The Numbers which went pretty well, and then did a round of Quirks to practice character work. We also got in Entrances and Exits as well as an Irish Drinking Song and then Who Am I.

img_7569.JPGOn 5/14/08 we had a smaller class of 13 people, and the pictures are in the album.

We did 5 Letter Word scenes, and then a new exercise called One Syllable Words (and yeah, the name says it all). We did a long round of Puppets where everyone got the chance to be a puppet as well as a puppeteer. After the Irish Drinking Song, we did some open scene work with Assigned Professions.

img_7652.JPGThe 5/21/08 class again saw the return of some familiar faces that have been missed the last few months. See them in the album for that night.

We did a few new exercises starting with the 9 Line Scene and then the X Word Scene. Everyone did quite well with both exercises. We also did Playbook and the Irish Drinking Song. We ended the night with the 3 line Drill.

img_7745.JPGThe last class of May (5/28/08) had 15 players, and you can see the photos in the album for the night.

In addition to the warm-ups, we did a set of Art Museum exercises. We went on to Decreasing Time Scenes and Irish Drinking Song. For the advanced part of the night, we did 3 Line Drills and Assigned Professions.

And those are the classes we had in May 2008.