We had five classes in April, so let's get right to the links and a quick summary of each night. img_6889.JPGOnly a few pictures made it out of the 4/2/08 class alive. Those that did can be seen at the album. We had 11 players there for the night,all of whom were repeat players.

In addition to our usual warm-ups, we got in a round of Mutant, a round of No P, and a round of Repeating Scene Changing Genre. Then came an Irish Drinking Song. For the last part of the night, we got a full set of 3-Line Drills and then had a chance to work on some One Acts.

img_6947.JPGI have no idea what this picture is about, but I like the physical pose. I know it occurred at the 4/9/08 class because it's one of the photos in the album (and there are quite a few pictures from this class).

We did a little bit of status work with a Pecking Order scene. Next came Sound Effects in which everyone had a chance to give sound effects as well as play against them. Our standard Irish Drinking Song was next, and then we ended the night with a 3-Line Drill.

img_7048.JPGI normally try to downplay pictures of myself teaching, but I made an exception for the 4/16/08 class. I unveiled the new, sleeker look on that night, as you can see in the album.

The 16 players got a chance to play 5 Letter Word scenes and Standing Sitting Bending scenes. Then came the ever popular Irish Drinking Song, followed by 3 Line Drills and then the night ended with some One Act work.

img_7196.JPGThe 4/23/08 class was a big one with 21 players. You can see them all in the album for the night.

After the warm-ups, we started with a Class Picture To Scene exercise. Then we did a rotation of Pillars scenes where everyone got a chance to be the pillars as well as playing with the pillars. After the song, we then did a round of Entrances and Exits since we had such a large number of new players.

img_7291.JPGOnce again, I don't think I need to explain the album cover for the night of 4/30/08. You just need to appreciate the stage positions.

After warm-ups, the 16 players did a full set of Machine exercises. Then came Decreasing Scene and Progressive Freeze Tag. An Irish Drinking Song was followed by a 3 Line Drill, which ended the night.

And that wraps up April of 2008.