I was traveling for a couple of weeks in March, so there are only two classes with pictures for that month. Still, here's a quick run down of what happened. img_5488.JPG.

The March 5 class was taught by Mike, and from all reports it was a big hit. Unfortunately, there's no photographic evidence.


img_6644.JPGOn the 12th of March, the camera was back to document a Story Story Die session, a round of Alliteration, the ever popular Irish Drinking Song, and Emotional Zones. You can see the photographic evidence at the album.



For March 19th, I was again traveling, and so no pictures. This time Victoria took the reigns and kept the faith. And once again, nothing but rave reviews.


img_6821.JPGAnd finally, the camera and I were back for the March 26th class (album). We worked on Last Letter scenes, Repeating Scene Changing Genre, and the Irish Drinking Song. For the advanced part of the night, we were able to work on a couple of One Act plays, which I think was a good experience for everyone.

And that's the March 2008, summary.