Another big class this week: 27 people all told with 6 new to the workshop. Big classes are always fun with lots of energy, but I need to change some of the exercises around so that we can get in a few more games. Speaking of which, we started the night with Character Intro, Limericks, Ball Transform, and One Word Story (two groups again). Then on to Standing-Sitting-Bending and a new one for us, Decreasing Scene. That one was done in groups of three, and started with a 30 second scene. Then the scene is replayed as a three word sentence scene, and the final round is replaying it with no words. It was a good learning piece, challenging for everyone, and was quick.

We finished the night with Beasty Rap, Switch Dubbing, and Freeze tag. Now that I see the whole list, we got quite a few pieces in!

This week we had better cameras, so here are a few pictures.