Our first Wed. night workshop of 2015 was well attended with 28 people including 6 who were there for the first time. We also had a few returnees whom we haven't seen for quite a while. Big classes are always fun, even though we don't get as many games in. There's a lot of energy, and you get the opportunity to work with different players.

Warm ups consisted of Character Intro, Whoosh/Bang/Pow, and One Word Story (divided into 2 groups).

I got to do my favorite Improv 101 talk (with the lovely vase of flowers), and then right into 5 Letter Word. Next was Entrances and Exits, followed by Irish Drinking Song, and we ended the night with Freeze Tag.

And yes, that is a Christmas Tree on the side of the stage.

Also, I need a better low light camera <<ooph!>>