Workshop 3-4-09This shot is from one of the Irish Drinking Songs of the night, and shows Andy directing Paula, Manot, Alan, David, and Guy. I chose this shot because it shows everyone in a dynamic pose, it's a good representation of a typical class, and it features some of the new players along with Andy directing. However, my FAVORITE picture from the night is at the end of the post. The rest of the pictures can be seen in the album. After our usual warms ups including the 1 Word Story, we started our scene work with 5 Letter Word. Then we tried something new, First Line/Last Line. Everyone participated in that, and I think it went fairly well.

Next came the Irish Drinking Songs, and a complete set of Half Life scenes. We ended the night with Double Blind Line Freeze Tag.

And here's the picture that cracked me up when I was editing the album: Genevive