Workshop 3/11/09How could I not choose this picture for the album cover? It's a scene from the TV Clicker exercise with Nancy watching Brian perform some sort of a jumping rope maneuver. You can see the rest of the images from the workshop over at the album. Once again our warm ups include the 1 Word Story exercise. Then we moved on to the TV Clicker exercise and got everyone into the two sets.

We tried something new with a 9 Lines exercise. I liked this exercise since it requires everyone to limit the chatter and focus on other aspects of the scene without turning it into a bad silent film parody.

Next was my favorite of the night - Hands Through (sometimes called Helping Hands). I must say, there were a lot of women with HUGE hands in these scenes (check out the pictures of Roberta with Andy's hands poking through - Nancy was the "straight" person).

We worked a bit more on Madrigal, this time with Mark directing the scenes a little differently. This still needs some work, and I'm going to see if we can find a good video of it being performed.

We ended the night with 3 Line Drills.

My favorite line of the night came from Lisa (and I'm still not sure what it means):

That's because you're the hen and I'm the pecker.