img_4035.JPGLorien, Andy, Li-At, Angela, and Roberta in an Irish Drinking Song. The full set of pictures from the workshop is now in the on-line album. We had four new players with us for the night, and they impressed all of us with their bold choices and willingness to dive right in. Welcome!

We started with a pretty traditional set of warm-up exercises, including the 1-Word Story. And, I debuted the new Improv 101: Yes & introductory talk. A door replaced the table and vase, and denial of relationship replaced denial of children. We'll see how much of that sticks.

Our first stage piece was the 5-Letter Word, and most of the scenes kept to the letters in their words, more or less. All of them were fun to watch.

Next we did a set of Dialog Separate From Activity exercises. We did these in large groups, and so there were a lot of elements to juggle. My biggest concern - that give and take would be abandon creating multiple, conflicting dialogs - was unfounded. The group discussions were easy to follow and interesting. Some of the physical work between players could be improved, so we'll do some work in the next workshop focusing on that skill.

The rest of the night had a more musical theme. We performed our usual Irish Drinking Songs and then did a series of Dubbed Opera scenes. The singers in the operas all had a delightful sense of the dramatic, and I think all the translators did fine jobs telling their stories.

We finished the night with Freeze Tag. Thanks everyone!