img_3871.JPGScott, Nick, Alan, Sol, and Ben in a Sporting Event scene. I just like the looks on everyone's faces. I've got the album on-line and captioned so stop on by and enjoy. It was a fun night (and I'm writing this up within a week of the class!)

We started off with a set of Story-Story-Die scenes. Everyone has become quite adept at this structure, and the crowd has to be pretty critical to get the players to die off.

Next came Last Letter scenes and this was more of a challenge. It's critical for the lines of dialog to be crisp with clear endings. Run on sentences or tentative statements makes it harder to start a follow up line.

We tried a new exercise called Sporting Event. This also proved to be a challenge, requiring us to be aware of what everyone was doing in the scene. When it works, it makes for some compelling scene work and it's a skill that's worth developing.

We followed up with our traditional Irish Drinking Song, and then got in a 3-Line Drill. Our time was a bit short, so we finished the night with Michigan Freeze Tag.