workshop9-5-07.JPGI like this shot of Jim, Sol, and Victoria. It's very dramatic. The album for this workshop is now available so head on over and check it out. You'll also see pictures of Neil (yay!), who had a chance to come to class during his quick return visit to Santa Barbara.

After warm-ups, we did a Speaks As One Dialog. This looks easy, but is really a challenge. It's hard not to have one leader, but the challenge of the scene (and the technique) is to avoid that. And the other challenge (apparently) is to avoid rocking back and forth!

Next, we did a series of Rhyming scenes which I thought were a lot of fun. And then, to keep honing the rhyming skill, we sang a series of Irish Drinking Songs.

We ended the night with a long set of 3-Line Drills. I need to start these earlier in the evening to give us a chance to work on our open scenes.