workshop8-29-07.JPGLinda, Aidan, Li-At, Kenna, Don, and Sharon belting out an Irish Drinking Song. The album for this workshop is available now, so check it out.

After our warm-ups we got right into a couple of Tag-Out Stories. The energy was good and I think the stories were fun. A series of ABC scenes followed and we quickly learned who doesn't feel constrained by the traditional order of the alphabet. Who Am I was next, and it's been some time since we worked on these endowment/guessing game scenes. We'll need to revisit these scenes to keep in practice.

Everyone worked on their improvised song skills with the Irish Drinking Song. For the advanced part of the night, we did something a little different. We skipped the 3-Line Drill and instead went into scene work with Assigned Professions. I think everyone got quite a bit out of a more structured set of open scenes and I was pretty happy with the results. It's a good exercise that we will revisit.

We ended the night with a round of Freeze Tag in the line form - what I sometimes call Michigan Freeze Tag for reasons that I can't remember.