Here are a few pictures from the last class, most of them taken by Andrew. I tried to color correct, but with mixed results, as you'll see. Our focus for the night was on physicalizing.


Scott made an appearance and is seen with Victoria in this Create an Object to Speak exercise. They are in a hospital's ER room, but I don't think they're dancing.


Marika, Allegra, and Jim are in another performance of the same exercise, but this took place in a jail. You can pretty much figure out the roles of each character just from this shot.


I like this shot of Neil. I'm not sure what scene this was taken from, but it captures his expression, well. dcp_2269.JPG

Okay, I had to throw this shot in. Ben and Dustin. You've gotta go with the interesting verticals in this scene.


I also like this shot. It looks like they are listening to the most interesting feedback.


Eric and I are in the middle of a scene that I know was all innuendo. Think Brokeback Mountain, but the topic of discussion is camp food.

A fine class with 16 people that night. It's funny how 16 in the class starts to feel like a small class. We took advantage of the situation to do some extended open scenes, and I was pleased with how well they all went.