Here are a few photos from Caught in the Act's October 21, 2006 show. We had a good sized crowd and it was a fun show. These images are all captured from video, and may be a bit blurry.


The Gibberish Translator scene was pretty good with Neil translating a disagreement on cooking styles between Victoria's character and Mike's character. Needless to say, the gesticulation and miming was wildly beyond the mundane argument.


Here, Jim Andrew, and Neil are playing a Who Am I? scene where Jim is trying to determine his profession. For this scene, he was a baker, although the event being portrayed was the oddest bar-mitzvah.


This was a beautiful Opera scene, with Mike translating an Indian opera for Victoria and Andrew. Some great physical work.


This is a moment in the oddest scene that came out of Scenes From a Hat. Eric is a porcupine, and Jim, Andrew, and Victoria are international mosquitoes. Whatever it was, it was funny.


Now that's a song. In this case it was the Fight Song, but just look at that enthusiasm. Wonderful to watch.


This photo pretty much captures the essence of this Arms Through scene. It's a French cooking show, and yes, that is a raw chicken in "my" hands. They were Mike's hands, actually. And Neil was the one getting instruction. I'm not certain I can make clear how messy this scene became. Let's just say that I still smell of mustard.


Ah yes, Eric, Mike, and I are performing ballet. This was the hit of the Repeating Scene, Changing Genre scene. Nothing more amusing than three guys trying to dance ballet.


This is an Expert Panel with Magazines scene. Jim was from Good Housekeeping, Eric from Cat Fancier, Victoria from (I believe) Teen Life and I'm from The National Enquirer. Neil is the moderator.


Our final piece of the evening is, as usual, a Montage. This particular piece was the ending scene where we had hired people off the street to come to Neil's party.

There were quite a few more pieces in the show (19 total) but I thought this was a pretty good representation of what we did. A fine show.