img_1412-1.JPGHere's the thing: I'm not sure whether this is an amazingly ironic moment, or a setup by a very clever improvisor in the workshop. We rent a small performance space for our workshop, and I usually arrive a couple of minutes early to start setting up. Last week I unlocked the door, and there on the stage was a table with a lovely vase of flowers. Not thinking beyond the fact that I had to now clear the stage, I moved everything to one side and the class went on.

Afterwards, as we were clearing up I put the table and vase back on the stage. At that point, several much more observant players in the class pointed out that this was a physical representation of my classic Yes And talk. That description appears in my previous post on the subject.

Well, we were all impressed and amused so we took several photos. I even mentioned at the end of the posting for lasts week's class that there was a special picture which deserved its own posting. You can see that picture at the top of this post.

However, in the interim it occurred to me how this was all a bit too perfect. Like maybe it was a setup. Perhaps someone who's heard my talk a few too many times (anyone who's been in the class more than a month) realized how damn funny it would be to put a table with a lovely vase of flowers out for me to accept and perhaps add something.

So, which is it. A beautiful cosmic coincidence, or a funny setup that I didn't even get until a week later?

Either way it's damn funny.