img_0087.JPGIsn't that a great shot of people just having a good time on stage. And to think, they're all singing. Very cool. img_0024.JPGIt was a big class on Wednesday. Eighteen people showed up ready to risk it all on stage. I was number 19, and we filled the room with some fine short form work. Three were brand new to improv, but each of them enthusiastically jumped up to participate, even for some games that were new to me.

img_0017.JPGInspired by my search for websites with game listings (see my previous post), I brought several new variations on games we normally use for the workshop. I think they worked out really well, especially for such a large group.

img_0064.JPGIn addition to new players and some new games, we also debuted our new curtains. I planned on posting an image as I was building the damn things, but they took so long I never had a chance to stop and photograph them. I think they'll work out fine, but there are a couple of tweaks I still want to make. I'm such an engineer.

img_0042.JPGOkay, that expression on Scott's face makes this scene work for me. I believe he was playing a horse, although during this replay scene there was a critical beat when the horse lifted it's leg. Hmm, I guess we're more urban than I realized.

img_0110.JPGAnd Victoria made her triumphant return after her adventures in house remodeling, moving, and a trip to the Burning Man event. We missed her, and she came back ready to play. In fact, in this scene I believe she was playing an octogenarian who couldn't quite make it to Burning Man.

img_0107.JPGYou know, I don't remember what was actually happening in this scene. but, I like just making up what might have been happening.

img_0032.JPGWhat I like about this shot is that it doesn't involve me doing push-ups. It was one scene, okay. Don't ask.

img_0020.JPGOnce again, a very good night of improv work. I'm always happy to have such enthusiastic new players, especially when they're dragged in by their relatives and on their honeymoon. But, that's a story for another time.