Well, although we were scheduled for Classroom B last Wednesday, we ended up in C (we traded with another group), and it was probably just as well. It keeps us further from the bookclub, and less likely to disturb them (they said both nights of our workshops were fine for them). And so, we have passed our probation and have reserved our place there at least through September! That's right, we have a semi-permanent home at the Unitarian Society for now. Although I took pictures Wednesday, there were only two which weren't blurry, and both were of Jim, Mark, and Dave (those photogenic guys), and both were from the same game. I decided not to post them yet, but will start collecting these one-off pictures for a collection page. Despite our lack of photographic documentation, it was still a pretty fun night. We even got through a couple of one-acts. Okay, they weren't the best of the genre, but it's been awhile since we've even attempted a one-act, and it was nice to try and get through the form. Much like the song, this is something everyone will get better at with some practice.