Last Wednesday's class was at our new location, the Unitarian Society. Although a bit small, and I don't know that we've got the layout quite right yet, it will be nice if this can evolve into a regular location for us. Before I talk more about the last class, this next one (March 19th) will be at the Unitarian Society, but we will be in Classroom B. It's closer to the main entrance area, and for those that came on Wednesday, you passed it just before going into the back. I'll post signs again, but it will take fewer, since you will probably see us from the sidewalk. The bookgroup in classroom A said we weren't a problem, but that was when we were in Classroom C. Classroom B is right next to them, and so we'll see what happens this time.

I posted some pictures from the class at the web site, but the quality is much lower than the original set. I suspect the camera, so I'll go back to the original one, next time.

We had a good mix of pieces, warming up with Character Intro's, then Pantomime Box, and One Word Story. We played 5 letter word, Standing-Sitting-Bending, Assigned Quirks, and 1st Line-Last Line. And the two Songs we did this week were great! We got a fair bit of long-form in also, with a 3 Line Drill, Montage, and even a bit of a One Act. A pretty good class, actually.

And welcome to Susan, who was new to our workshop, but clearly experienced with doing improv. Some good work, and she was the first one up for just about every piece! Also, welcome back to Chuck who we haven't seen for about a year now. He's still got game. Rounding out the group was Andy, Chris, David, Jim, Mark, and Mike.