Continuing the catch-up posts, here are the classes from October, 2009. You can get to the albums by clicking on the thumbnails.

Workshop 7 October 20097 October 2009

David, Allegra, and Tom have achieved just what I'm looking for when we start Scene From A Pose: randomness!

After our warm-ups, we did a complete rotation of Hitchhiker. Then a set of Remote Control scenes, followed by Scene From A Pose. Next, we did the Irish Drinking Song, and ended with Entrances and Exits.

There are 108 photos from the night.

Workshop 14 October 200914 October 2009

Sometimes selecting the cover photo for the night is just too easy. Yes, that's Lisa.

From the photos, you'll see that we had to find a new location for the night. The Star King Rummage Sale displaced us from our usual Jefferson Hall, but the Jewish Community Center was kind enough to allow us the use of their main hall, thanks to Nancy. It was a fine location for the class.

We did our warm-ups, including the 1 Word Story. Then was Transprov followed by the 5 Letter Word and then Assigned Quirks. After the Irish Drinking Song, we ended with a set of Subconcious scenes.

We have 126 photos in the album for the night.

21 October 2009

Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera with me and so no photos for the night. However, we were back in our usual location.

After our warm-ups, we did a set of Story Story Die scenes, then Slow Motion Commentary, and the Irish Drinking Song. We ended with a 3 Line Drill and then some Freeze Tag.

Workshop 28 October 200928 October 2009

Here we have David, Sol, Mark, Marley, and on the floor is Jim. This is a scene from one of their iterations in Half Life.

We did our warm-ups, then Tag Out Story. Next was Swedish Story, followed by Change. Then came the Half Life scenes and then the Irish Drinking Song. We ended with 3 Line Drill and Montage.

There are 158 photos in the album.