Workshop 8/12/09 No, I don't require feats of physical prowess to participate in the Workshop. Here, Kathy has decided that "make a strong offer" in a 3-Line Drill wasn't just a metaphor. You'll find more photos from this night in our album.

After our warm ups, including the 1-Word Story, we did a 5-Letter Word scene as our first stage work. Next, everyone had a chance to work in a Stinky, Sexy, Silly scene.

We all sang an Irish Drinking Song, and then on to some advanced work. We started with a 3-Line Drill to get everyone prepared for open scene work. We did a couple of rounds of Montage to practice scene transitions and open scenes, and I must say that we need to practice more often.

My favorite line of the night:

Dad wants you to go home and have medication