Workshop 1/28/09This photo just makes me laugh. It's from a Standing-Sitting-Bending scene with Joanna, Tova, and Patrick, and it just captures the movement in the scene. Of course Tova is flying through the air. Wonderful! The rest of the photos from the night (and there are a lot) are in the album. Our warm-ups included the 3 Part Narrative and the extended Whoosh-Bang-Pow as well as the 1-Word Story. We began the scene work with Standing-Sitting-Bending and then moved on to a series of Last Letter scenes. After that came Spoon River which is surprisingly popular. My favorite line of the night came from that scene, and I'll put it at the end of the post.

We did our usual set of Irish Drinking Songs, and then we did Three Person Freeze Tag. I like that exercise because it forces you to get through the hardest parts of the Freeze Tag exercises - getting in and starting a new scene with only the physical position as a starter. You can't wait for the perfect inspiration; with only three poeple you've got to get in there.

We ended the night with Open Freeze Tag, and I think the practice helped get more people mixing it up.

Okay, my favorite line of the night:

I was eating Twizlers and watching