Workshop 09-24-08This wasn't a 3-Headed Expert scene - just 3 guys (Andre, James, and Patrick - with Nacy looking on) who made a touching connection in this scene. This and other pictures are available in the album for this class. After our warm-ups, we started our scene work with a full rotation of Gift Giving. We followed that with a series of Phone Bank scenes. I like that exercise because it's good practice at taking and giving focus, and I think everyone did pretty well.

Then came Continuing Scene Changing Genre. There were some great scenes the made fantastic use of the given genres. A lot of very fun work.

We had a round of Irish Drinking Songs, but this time we did them as Day In The Life stories. Each group got to listen as I interviewed someone in the audience about their day. Then, the song had to incorporate what they heard, retelling that person's experiences in the course of the day. A nice challenge around pacing and listening for the beats in a story. Some great moments ("I only have 2 seconds").

We finished with a 3-Line Drill exercise, which we haven't done for a bit. I want to keep focusing on open scene work as a way to sharpen everyone's performance skills, so expect to see more of this exercise.