Workshop 9-3-08I don't say often enough how much you all crack me up. I enjoy the amazing complete pieces with interesting relationships and magic between the experienced players as well as the struggles and raw insights of the new players. I don't remember what happened during this 3-Headed Expert scene, but I remember being completely out of control with laughter. Thanks to you all for keeping me enthusiastic about showing up each week for this time together. You will find more pictures from the class in this weeks album. It was a big class with 25 players, and we spent some time going over more performance pieces. After our usual warm-ups, everyone got in a Counting Words scene, and we had a complete set of 3-Headed Expert scenes.

We sang the Irish Drinking Song and then worked on Scenes From A Hat for some more advanced scene work. Since everthing went so well, we included all of these pieces in the show on the 6th.

It was a good day to improvise.