Workshop 8-27-08You know, I can't always articulate why a particular photo tickles my fancy. Ever since I started using the albums as a way to make a lot more of the photos from each workshop available, I try to pick out my one favorite photo as a representative of the night. There's something about these two grown men mugging for the camera that just summarizes my continued enthusiasm for improv. In some ways, it's a public service. Would really want these two out on the streets every Wednesday night? We were at another new location while our regular digs are going through their final primping. The Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center was gracious enough to let us use their training room for the workshop this week, and it was a great space. We had 16 players for the night. None were brand new, although we had one player there for her second night.

Our warm ups included a large group 1 Person Move exercise and a couple of 1 Word Story groups. After that, I wanted to make sure that we worked on some games that are typical performance pieces rather than just exercise pieces.

We got in a full rotation of Pillars, where everyone got a chance to play both a pillar and a performer. Then we did a series of Sound Effects scenes before singing the Irish Drinking Song. We ended the night with a set of Expert Panel scenes.

A good night, especially since it was a slightly smaller workshop than usual. Next week we will be back in our usual location, Jefferson Hall - 1525 Santa Barbara Street.