Workshop 8-13-08Here's a group shot with everyone doing the Mirror exercise. Also in this week's class album, there are quite a few shots from the scenes using hats and costume props. The camera died early, but the pictures we did get are a lot of fun. We had 24 people in class this week, and we started with the Mirror exercise along with 1-Word Story. I brought a couple of bins worth of hats and props, and out first exercise using them was Video Dating. Lots of great characters were created, and I really liked the times there were two character scenes. Nice work.

We got in a set of Standing Sitting Bending scenes before our next big challenge, which was a new song (or at least one we haven't done in a very long time). For the 50's Do Wop song, Andy was gracious enough to bring his guitar and keep us all on-beat and on-key. And I think everyone was excited to be working on a new song, even if the pattern is a bit more difficult. We did pretty well for the 5(!) rotations.

We ended the night with a Character Pass scene. It was another chance to use the hats and create bold characters. It was pretty challenging to be changing characters throughout the scene, but it was a lot of fun.