Improv Class July 30 2008This is a scene from a TV Clicker game in which Patrick, Mike, Alphonse, and Tom are all holding guns on each other. We had 20 people in class on this night, and it just happened that no one was brand new. All were returning players. You can see the rest of the pictures in the album. After our Character Intros and 1-Word Story warm-ups, we did some Transprov and then History of an Object. We haven't done History of an Object in quite awhile, and I think we all got a pretty good historical perspective on the egg-beater, the zipper, and lipstick.

Our scene work started with rounds of 5-Letter Word. But that was just a warm-up for the real challenge I had in mind for the night. Everyone participated in Speaks for Other scenes, sometime called A Speaks for B Speaks for C Speaks for A (which is why I prefer the shorter name). It's a very difficult scene, with each player having to keep several characterizations active in their head. But I think everyone stood up to the challenge and performed it well.

The Irish Drinking Song was restful after that. And we ended the night with TV Clicker.