And now, at long last, we move on to the next month's worth of pictures. Here's a quick summary of the four classes that happened in February. img_6084.JPGOn the 6th of February, we did a little Story, Story, Die narrative work. We also did some Attitudes scenes as sell as some Surprise Lines. Everyone did an Irish Drinking Song and we finished the night with Three Person Freeze Tag, a very fast paced version of that form. The picture is of Scott and Allegra, although I'm not sure what scene it's from. The rest of the pictures are in the album.

img_6113.JPGOn the 13th of February, we had a good sized class, but not many pictures. This one is from the opening One Word Story exercise. The rest are in the album. We did some work on Give and Take using the Cocktail Scene as an exercise. We also told some Tag Out Stories and Spoon River.

img_6182-1.JPGOn February 20, we had a couple of new faces, and you can find them in the album for the night. We did ABCs, Ages, and Dubbing. And, we still had time for the Irish Drinking Song and some 3-Line Drills. The picture shows Guy, Scott, and Seth in a Dubbing scene.

img_6377-1.JPGThe last Wednesday night in February (the 27th) had our usual workshop, and this time there are a lot of pictures to show for it. Find them in the album. In addition to One Word Story and Hitchhiker, we also got in some Standing, Sitting, Bending as well as a Create Object To Speak exercise. Then came the Irish Drinking Song, some Three-Line Drills, and a quick couple of rounds of Montage to complete the night.

And that's the quick summary for classes in the month of February.