Here's a quick review of the classes in January, along with the links to the albums of their photos. img_5373.JPGThis photo is from the Tug-o'-War exercise during the January 2 class. The rest of the photos (such as they are) can be found in the album. The camera was still acting out, so there aren't a lot that made it through the screening. Still, there are some fun new faces joining the regulars.

img_5549.JPGThe camera is back in action for the January 9 class, and the album has the number (and quality) of photos to prove it. In addition to a couple of new players in the class, we also had a guide dog!

I was out of town for the January 16 class. Mike filled in and taught the class, but no pictures from that one.

img_5796.JPGThe January 23 class included one of my favorite scenes in some time. The lead picture from this class (the rest can be seen in the album) shows the Three Wonder Sisters, performed by Roberta, Karla, and Li-At. It was one of the Typewriter scenes and also included Sol as the starting writer. There are a lot of pictures from this class, and they're all fun.

img_5942.JPGThe last class of the month was on January 30 and the pictures are posted in the album. There were several new players and so we got back to doing some good, basic exercises and games, including the one shown in this photo: Entrances and Exits with Jennifer, Kenna, and Scott.