Howdy Folks! I'm on vacation for the next 4 weeks (Guatemala!) and while I'm gone there are three other instructors who will be taking on the workshop. Here's the schedule until I return.

img_4510.JPGWednesday, October 31

This is Mike.

He will be teaching on October 31.

Mike is originally from England.

Cheerio, Mike.

img_1037.JPGWednesday, November 7

Meet Jim.

Jim will be teaching on November 7.

Jim made our black boxes.

They are really good boxes.

img_1483.JPG Wednesday, November 14

It's Mike again!

Mike will be teaching on November 14

Remember Mike?

img_1527.JPG Wednesday, November 21

This is Victoria.

Victoria will be teaching on November 21

Hi Victoria!

We all miss you

img_4369.JPG Wednesday, November 28

This is Alan.

Remember Alan?

Alan will be back teaching November 28