img_4165.JPGWith Jeff watching from the sidelines, we've got Jim, Karla, Angela, and Marjorie in a scene from TV Clicker. Here, Karla and Marjorie are trying to prevent Angela from chopping off the head of Jim's dog character. Must have been an "After School Special". The album from this workshop is now available. I was able to whittle the set down to 87 pictures. That's down from the original 234 (!) pictures taken. Yowzer.

We started off with a pretty small (for us) warm up group, but during the What Are You Doing exercise, we almost doubled in size. There were twenty people in in class by the time we worked on 1-Word Story exercises.

We started the scene work with TV Clicker. There were two groups and a whole lotta scenes. It was all pretty energetic, but let's try and forget the "Old Men Gone Wild" show - there are NO pictures from that particular scene!

We got in a set of Surprise Lines scenes and those were great. Good conflicts, nice character interactions, and the lines were worked into the scenes well.

We had our usual set of Irish Drinking Songs and then had a complete rotation of 3-Line Drills.

And we ended the night with an open set of Freeze Tag. Nice work!