workshop8-15-07.JPGHave you noticed that the performers in an Irish Drinking Song start to look like they're going to punch someone. Here, Gina, Sol, Scott, David, and Christine are belting out a song, but because this is Christine's first song, she doesn't appear quite as mad at Scott as all the others do. The album for this workshop is available on-line. We took advantage of the group being a little bit smaller to do some two person scenes. After our warm-ups, we got to a round of Mutant scenes and then a full set of Gibberish Switch. It's been awhile since we've been able to spend the time with these scenes, so it was great to see how well folks did with these 'old-timers'.

We followed up with our standard Irish Drinking Song, and then on to the 3-Line Drill. We finished the night with a couple sets of Montage, and I must say that the quality of the scenes are getting much better. Good work, everyone.