img_1932.JPGAn Irish Drinking Song with an enthusiastic audience! Andy, Kathy, Ben, Jim, and Ben are singing for Justine and Susannah with Alan directing. Hopefully, this will be the last Workshop report that is just a brief overview of the night. With this entry, I'm finally caught up on the backlog. Don't forget to check out the album of pictures for the night.

We started with Counting Words scenes (well, the first scenes after our warm-ups). After that, we did something fairly new for us: 3-Headed Conversation. Six people play 2 characters, where each character consists of 3 people talking one word at a time (a la 3-Headed expert). It created some very interesting conversations.

We sang an Irish Drinking Song and then had a chance to try a set of Sound Effects scenes with random, prerecorded sounds. That went pretty well and helped me straighten out some problems from our last attempt.

We finished with a set of Entrances and Exits. There was a lot of great frenetic activity in those scenes.

And that brings us current on the workshop reports!