img_1473-1.JPGThis picture is from our warm-up, the 1-Word Story, with Mark, Adam, Sharon, Mike, and Tina. The pictures from this week's class (which are in an album) are a bit different. There were very few large group photos, and a lot of individual shots. I've gotten pretty far behind in the workshop reports, so I'm just going to recap the work that we did so that I can catch up.

The night's work was pretty traditional. Our scene work started with a set of 5-Letter Word scenes and then moved on to Counting Words. We sang a set of Irish Drinking Songs. We practiced a set of 3-Line Drills and then we had the chance to work on open scenes with a Montage structure. I was pretty happy that we got to the Montage because the more experienced players have been needing to work on their open scene skills.

And that's a brief review of the night.