img_0612.JPGI like this picture of the class, taken during a warm-up exercise called Non-Sequitur. Once again, I've taken the rather large lot of pictures (102) from the class and posted them in a Google Album. I haven't labeled them all, but I think I've identified enough to name everyone that attended the class. There were 18 of us in the workshop, and we started the night with the character heavy, Story Intro. We followed up with Non-Sequitur and then a couple of one-word stories.

Scene work led off with a Hitchhiker rotation in which everyone participated. Then we got to Exaggerated Body Parts, which is a piece we haven't done in quite awhile. It takes some time, and I usually wait until we have a small class. Nowadays 18 people qualify as a small class. I'm glad we got to Exaggerated Body Parts because it's a chance to see what makes an interesting quirk, and how to make a quirk intersting. And, I think everyone did well with the challenge.

Then we moved on to the ever popular Irish Drinking Song. There are a lot of fun pictures from that exercise in the album, so be sure to check it out.

My favorite part of the night was a long-form exercise where everyone was assigned a profession. We don't often get to playing a series of scenes with the same characters being revisited, and so this was a fine way to apply some of the skills developed with the 3-Line Drill. We'll do more of these multi-scene pieces in the future

We ended the night with some Freeze Tag.

I'm behind in my postings, so I'll end this one here and just thank everyone for another fun class.