img_0361-1.JPGI really like pictures like this one. It captures the best part of the workshop: everyone having fun while performing. In this case, Mark, Li-At, David, Jonathan, and Angela are singing an Irish Drinking Song. We had a good sized class of about 20 people, and over 90 pictures were taken in the course of the evening. I've picked out 10 pictures to display in this post, but I'm making the rest available in a public album. This is the first time I'm trying to post an entire album, so let me know how it works for you and whether there are any problems. I'll post more albums if this one is well received.

img_0310.JPGWe started the evening off with a Tag Out Story. Here, Mark, Scott, Mark, Ann, and Joanna are telling their story with the title The Warehouse. This exercise is normally done with all the players in the scene lined up behind the person telling the story. However, in this photo Scott seems to be completely distracted by Joanna's storytelling.

img_0320.JPGHere we've switched to a 5 Letter Word scene. Joanna, Li-At, and Angela are working with the word HORSE to construct their scene. I like that there's an argument going on behind Li-At as she washes her hands. It makes an interesting stage picture.

img_0331.JPGThis is a Countdown scene with Li-At, Marika, Ben, and Jonathan. The setting is a kindergarten playground, and at this moment Marika, a teacher, is giving cigarettes to the kids on the playground. Let's just say that this wasn't a "role model" scene.

img_0332.JPGThis is another Countdown scene, and Mike, David, Angela, and Jim are doing some home repair. The Countdown scene gives the players 1 minute to create a scene from the audience suggestion. Then, they have to replay the scene in 30 seconds. Then 15 seconds. Then 8, 4, and finally 2 seconds. It gets pretty hectic.

img_0338.JPGThe third Countdown scene of the night has Scott, Eric, Mark, and Ann all on Noah's Ark. At this moment, they are shoveling manure over the side of the ark. As the scenes get shorter, the players have to look for fewer and fewer beats that can still reproduce the main thread of the scene.

img_0347.JPGIn general, I really like the Countdown exercise because it forces a lot of physical action when the scenes get shorter. Here, Joan, Sol, Kenna, and Scott are farmers and there's a fire. You can see that by the time this shot was taken, the action was pretty intense.

img_0349.JPGThe last Countdown scene of the night had Marika, Joanna, Mark, and Alan drawing at the beach. We did a pretty good job at being mellow in this scene. Even when we got down to the the 2 second scene there wasn't a lot of physicalizing.

img_0364.JPGAh yes, the Irish Drinking Song with Scott W., Joanna, Ann, Scott S., and Jim. At the moment shown in this photo, it's Ann's turn to be singing her line. Once again Scott S. looks bored. But, in this case I know he's furiously thinking about his next line. Furiously. Thinking.

img_0368.JPGOne more Irish Drinking Song, but for this one we had a couple of new players singing on stage for the first time. Tannis, Mike, Eric, Sol, and Joan are singing away, and although every one of them seems to be on a completely different beat, It was a fun song with a lot of good rhymes.

Again, I only picked out 10 pictures for this post out of the 90 or so I had from the class. You can check out the rest at:

Let me know what you think.