recital-p4m.jpgIt's that time again! The Santa Barbara Improv Workshop is putting on a Recital this Saturday, March 24th 2007 starting at 8:00 pm. I'm often asked the difference between a recital and a Caught in the Act show. Structurally, there's not much difference. It's one and a half hours of short form improv. The difference is that for many of the performers, this is their first time performing improv in front of an audience, and for some the first time on stage. We don't advertise outside of our mailing list, and we encourage the players to invite those family and fiends that they'd like to have in the audience.

However, it's always a great improv show, and a lot of fun for the audience and the performers. Lately, our classes have been filled with wonderful performers and we have a great set of improv scenes lined up for the show. Come by and join in the fun!