dcp_2540.JPGAnother record breaking class with 27 people showing up to join in the barely organized chaos. Here, Andy is directing an emotional symphony with Lorien, Bob (not Jason), Kathy, David, Scott, Marika, and Allegra providing the sounds. dcp_2542.JPGKathy, Allegra, Dusting, and Tony are all performing a scene where the activity has nothing to do with the dialog. They are buying skis while discussing an upcoming wedding.

dcp_2544.JPGHere we have Angela, David, Marika, and Tristan practicing their ballet while their dialog was about vengeance. dcp_2549.JPGThis was a scene with Kenna, Li-at, Mark, and Sol who were making pizzas while discussing their impending bankruptcy. dcp_2551.JPGThis was probably the most popular scene of the night or at least for the ladies. Here, Andy, Scott, Justin, and Patrick were all working at Chippendale's, but they were discussing their kids. So, you were seeing an amazing amount of bumping and grinding while poles were being greased (!), and at the same time the conversation was between fathers who were discussing their concerns about their kids. Good lord, you could hear the sighs from the audience.

dcp_2556.JPGIn this last picture, Lorien, Allegra, Alan, and Mike are welding while discussing charities. I don't know exactly what we were welding, but I do know there were a lot of pieces.