I wasn't in town to teach on the 10th of January, and Victoria was originally scheduled to take over. Unfortunately she got sick, so Jim took over as a last minute substitute, and from all accounts he did a fabulous job. Thanks to Jim for taking over and to Victoria for arranging the replacement while I was out of town. I never had to worry about it. It was a large class with several new players, all of whom I hope to meet in the next few classes. The following week, January 17, I was back to teach the class, but I was informed that no more pictures would be taken until I finally caught up on my blog postings. I appreciate a good class revolt (and an occasional kick in the pants), and so I'll accept my admonishment and briefly report that the class was a lot of fun, with 4 new players (or at least new to me), all of whom were enthusiastic and didn't hesitate to hop up on stage. We got in a few rounds of Tag Out Story, The [blank] Family, Human Props, a few Irish Drinking Songs, and Entrances and Exits. There was a lot of energy and some wonderful scenes.