While doing some catch-up work on the blog, I realize that there are a couple of classes for which I don't have pictures and never made a blog entry. We had our regularly scheduled classes around the holidays. The December 20th workshop had 15 people and we were able to do a Museum game, Puppets, an expert panel, our usual song, and some open form work.

On December 27, we had a smaller class with 8 people, so we took the opportunity to do a few two-person games that we haven't seen for awhile: Assigned Quirks; He Said, She Said; and Playbook (a.k.a. Actor's Nightmare). A Song and some open form work filled out the night.

And that concluded Santa Barbara Improv Workshop's 2006. It was a good year, and although I've gotten to a slow start, 2007 is starting out even better.