We've got a few pictures from the last class, thanks to Andy's skills with the camera. The lighting is pretty tough in our workshop space, but Andy keeps working the camera until we get some pretty nice shots, And thanks to the Picasa picture editor, I'm able to clean them up a bit for publication. dcp_2303.JPG

Li-at, Jennifer, Scott, and Scott are playing a Typewriter scene. We haven't played this in quite a while, but this was a nice scene taking place at a librarians' picnic.


This is also a typewriter scene with Karla playing an aide to Justin's governor. Marie is his wife who has walked in on their affair. I believe Scott is at the typewriter, but he's out of the picture.


In this scene, Scott, Justin, Patrick, and Li-At are playing Entrances and Exits. There's clearly something on the floor that has them fascinated.


Your basic Irish Drinking Song, with Marika, Neil, Li-At, and Karla. I'm sure there's a 5th singer, but I'm blocking the shot. I haven't decided whether the color balance in the picture is wrong, or Neil's blood pressure just spikes when he has to come up with a rhyme.


Finally, I decided to include this shot because it shows off Andy's skill with my (crappy) camera. Although I'm a bit uncomfortable seeing myself like this, I think it's a lovely shot. Thanks.