When there aren't any pictures, there isn't as much to write about from a class. We were down to 17 players, which makes this class a relatively small one. And, we had no brand new players, everyone was returning with some experience. So, we did a few more 3 person games. In addition to the warm ups, we got in a nice "No P" game and a full round of "Playbook" (aka "Actor's Nightmare"). Everyone got in a song (a bit of a challenge this time) and we had the time to do a 3 line drill (long form) as well as a few rotations of a Montage.

My two favorite lines from the night:

"She wants you to nurse the damn thing", said by Jim to Allegra, quoting a message from her sister regarding a newly born child.

"I loved you once", said by Mike to Victoria in a Montage scene.