There were a lot of great photos from the class last night. Thanks to all the players who picked up the camera and took shots throughout the night. I picked out a set that I believe covers everyone who was at class. img_1286.JPG Early on, we did an exercise where the dialog could not be about the environment. Here, Alegra, Eric, Marika, and Patrick were at an archeological dig, but discussing Allegra's blindness.

Her hand is on his leg. Really!

img_1297.JPGSame exercise, but here Geof and Mike are discussing the lousy gifts they got their mothers. At the same time, they're firemen cleaning up after a big fire.

img_1301.JPGSol looks rather pained during this Irish Drinking Song, but Ben's just happy it's not his line. I think Phyllis finds Sol more amusing than my directing (yes, that's my hand).

img_1307.JPGOh yeah, Neil and his new haircut. Sweet.

Teri seems amused by his last line in the Irish Drinking Song.

img_1321.JPGI liked this shot of me directing. It looks like I'm about to give some dynamic bit of stage direction or wise advice.

img_1332.JPGThis is Eric and Jim during a Three Line Drill. I don't remember what the scene was about, but I love Jim's face in this. A very enthusiastic response.

img_1338.JPGNo, Patricia is not flipping off the new guy, Geof. That's her index finger. I think she was actually miming the polishing of her fingernails since she was playing a prostitute being saved by a friend.

img_1349.JPGOkay, I loved the colors in this shot and the looks of sheer boredom. Teri is in the reddish orange, Andy in green, and Allegra in light blue. I believe I was discussing a One Act that they were going to perform, and I had clearly captured their imagination. As I recall they all did quite well.

img_1397.JPGI like this shot because both Phyllis and Justin were clearly having a good time.

For some reason, I kept calling Justin by the name of Travis at the end of the evening. I don't have a good excuse, I was just wrong. Sorry Justin.

So that was the evening, and it was a good one. There's another shot that we took just after the class, but it deserves its own post, later.