I want to thank Mikki for snapping pictures through this class. I had a pretty good set to chose from. We had a particularly good night, and it was nice change to have an experienced set of players. I love having new folks come into the workshop, but it's also good to have a small, experienced group.

Here's a sample set of pictures.

img_1144.jpgI liked this ABC scene between Sol, Teri, and Lily. Teri was the counselor as the other two argued over who needed to be seen first.
img_1149.jpgAh, the smoking scene. I believe this was also an ABC scene between Andy, Ben, and myself. The setting was a cigarette factory, and Ben was the quality inspector. Luckily, the picture where I was licking the cigarettes was too blurry to publish.
img_1162.jpgThe songs were particularly good this night. That's Andy, Abbe, Karla, Teri, Jim, and Patrick belting out the Irish Drinking Song. I was directing, and that's the back of Ben's head.
img_1177.jpgThis is the start of a 3 line drill, with Andy preparing an emotional setting for Patricia's opening line.

You may have noticed that there aren't the usual curtain panels on the edges of the stage. There's an amusing story behind the missing curtains, but let's just say it was my fault that we now have the opportunity to build some fresh new stage settings!